Fat-Shaming in a World of Impossible Burgers and Tusli Gabbard Workouts (Full Show 09/09/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Monday, September 9th
Rich comments on Tulsi Gabbard's stance on impeachment and praises her workout video (6:45). Rich explains why Joe Biden's campaign is losing steam and Elizabeth Warren's is picking up (16:00). Rich tried to figure out exactly what is in a Burger King Whopper (41:01) and criticizes Kamla Harris for laughing at a phrase that is not "woke" (1:02:37). Rich explains why he thinks celebrating obesity is not a good idea (1:13:50). Rich talks with Katie Fehlinger in the wake of her announcement that she is leaving CBS to spend more time with her family and focus on other business ventures (1:28:46).