FDA Commissioner Hahn: Only After Rigorous Study Will a Coronavirus Vaccine Be Approved (Full Zeoli Show 08-03-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Monday, August 3rd
Today on the Rich Zeoli Show, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn stated definitely that a Covid-19 vaccine would only be approved after rigorous scientific study. Hahn said it is an insult to scientists and the hard working people at the FDA to suggest a vaccine would only be approved for political reasons. Why does Joe Biden continue to cast doubt on the vaccine and play politics with people’s lives? Ian Smith of Atilis Gym joined to discuss the latest in his ongoing battle to get his gym back open now that Bellmawr Borough is threatening to take away his business license. Invincible Philadelphia Eagles legend Vince Papale joined the show to talk about an amazing way we can all salute front line heroes. And another Jurassic Park movie is on the way because America needs escapism and nothing provides escapism like CGI dinosaurs!

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