Fox News Reporter Pete Hegseth Was Once a "Never-Trumper"

The Dom Giordano Program
Wednesday, May 27th
Dom Giordano talks with Fox News' Pete Hegseth about the Atilis Gym fiasco and his coverage of the story. Hegseth lauds the owners for their actions and expresses shock at the notion that the government changed the locks on the doors of the gym. Hegseth talks about his new book, American Crusade, and explains why he does not care if people find the title too provocative. Hegseth talks about how the left uses incidents that affect personal safety or health to their advantage and addresses the fact that he was almost a "never-Trumper." Hegseth adds that he did not get the hype about Donald Trump and talks about what made Hegseth become a "Trump convert." Hegseth also explains the difference between "Texas" Omar and Rep. Ilhan "Somali" Omar, criticizing the latter for her comments about the United States. Plus, Hegseth talks about the chapter on political correctness. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)