Frank Rizzo Jr. Says His Father and Mayor Jim Kenney Didn't Like Each Other

The Dom Giordano Program
Monday, June 1st
Dom Giordano talks with Frank Rizzo Jr. about the assault on his father's statue in Center City. Rizzo sends his thoughts and prayers to the police officers in Philadelphia and talks about the mutual dislike between his father and Mayor Jim Kenney. Rizzo talks about the input his father had on the statue's installation, guessing his father did not want it to be damaged in any incidents. Rizzo explains this "boondoggle" has nothing to do with the Philadelphia police department and the possibility of the Rizzo statue being moved. Rizzo adds that he has not received so much as a phone call from the city about it and reflects on the genius of his father as a public servant. (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)