Is an "Anonymous" COVID Tracker on Our Phones, Really Anonymous? Of Course Not (Full Zeoli Show 11-20-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Friday, November 20th
Today on the Zeoli Show, we're being encouraged by government and big tech pundits to open up our phones to allow a "COVID tracker" app that would somehow be "anonymous. Of course it's not actually anonymous, government's definition of  anonymous is way different than ours. While you're in your home on lockdown, be on the lookout for a goldmine. People everywhere are buying on sentimental items you may have. Attorney Brian Fritz of Fritz & Bianculli law firm,  joined to discuss the city of Philadelphia deciding to shut down indoor dining with not showing clear data that indoor dining is anymore dangerous than being indoor other public entities like grocery stores. The group has filed an emergency injunction to prohibit the shutdown. 

Photo by: Getty Images