Joe Biden Bragged About The Clinton Crime Bill As His Own(Zeoli Full Show 10-11-19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Friday, October 11th
Today on the show, Rich talks about the trends of young, white millennial kids and also comments on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Rich praises Jack Carr's books and explains the problem he has with them and also divulges why there is only room for two parties. Rich explains how the anger is not coming from the right side of the aisle, but rather the left. Rich comments on Elizabeth Warren's racist cookbook and exposes "America's Mother-in-Law" for also stealing the recipes from the book. Rich laments how the far-left Democrats entertain the craziness of the Equal Rights Town Hall and explains why common sense dictates a 9-year-old does not know their sexuality. Plus, Rich comments on the charges against a young girl who made a gun with her gingers and explains why she never should have been booked. And Rich talks with Jack Carr about the upcoming Speaker Series!

Photo by: Mario Tama / Staff