Joe Biden is Torn Between Two Political Worlds (Full Zeoli Show 07-13-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Monday, July 13th
Today on the Zeoli Show, Rich discussed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos appearing on the Sunday News shows promoting the opening of schools, on time, this fall amid the coronavirus. He also discussed Joe Biden being torn between two political worlds trying to appeal to the far left voter and the middle of the road voter at the same time. Even now, Biden is being accused of plagiarizing his economic plan from President Trump. Also, the Zeoli Show announced the welcoming of the latest member to the Zeoli Army, Baby Stocker! Pete Ciarrocchi of Chickie's and Pete's joined on National French Fry Day discussing their celebration of the day by donating to local hospital workers. He also discussed how the Chickie's and Pete's restaurants have handled their business amid the coronavirus. All that and more on today's show! 

Photo by: Spencer Platt / Staff