MVC or DMV: They're Both Prime Examples Socialism (Full Zeoli Show 07-08-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Wednesday, July 8th
Today on the Zeoli Show, Rich discussed the total failure New Jersey citizens are dealing with now as their MVC (DMV) offices are opening back up and facing long lines beyond anything imaginable. He also discussed President Trump saying he'll be putting pressure on Governors to ensure schools open on time come the fall and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos considering withholding funding to school districts that won't open on time in response. Chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee, Doug Steinhardt, joined discussing the failures of Governor Murphy and the New Jersey government in re-opening the MVC. He also discussed the results of yesterday's New Jersey Primary. All that and more on today's show! 

Photo by: George Frey / Stringer