NJ State Sen. Joe Pennacchio On Potential COVID-19 Treatment

The Dom Giordano Program
Tuesday, March 24th
Dom Giordano talks with New Jersey Senator Joe Pennacchio about the Camden County Republicans and the studies that show hydroxychloroquine has great promise to do away with COVID-19. Pennacchio talks about the medical professionals he had signing off on hydroxychloroquine and calls for the medical community to "catch up." Pennacchio addresses the fact that hydroxychloroquine is sold over-the-counter in foreign countries where malaria is widespread. Pennacchio addresses the fact that medications don't necessarily have to be used for what they were originally intended, pointing to examples of medications that were re-purposed over the years. Pennacchio calls for an increase in the manufacturing of these pills and explains that a distribution method must be coordinated. (Photo by Getty Images)