Orai: Aasim Sani & Paritosh Gupta | Growing Greater

Growing Greater
Tuesday, January 14th
Season 2 Episode 40: The Art of Public Speaking | Growing Greater

This week on Growing Greater we learn of an innovative mobile app that helps people become more effective and confident communicators. Orai, through AI technology, offers interactive, fun lessons that help users understand their use of filler words, pacing, conciseness, and even energy level. We were joined in our studios in Philadelphia by Co-Founder Aasim Sani and had an opportunity to talk to fellow Co-Founder Paritosh Gupta out of Central India. Asam and Paritosh explained to Matt Cabrey, Executive Director of Select Greater Philadelphia, a council of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia how they were able to grow their company out of their Drexel University dorm rooms and gain funding through various pitch competitions.