PA State Sen. Mastriano Updates On 'PA Healthy Citizens & Healthy Businesses Back To Work Initiative'

The Dom Giordano Program
Tuesday, April 7th
PA State Senator Doug Mastriano returns to the Dom Giordano Program to provide an update on the "PA Healthy Citizens and Healthy Businesses Back To Work" bill that he proposed in the state legislature to address the exploding unemployment rate due to the COVID-19 crisis. Dom first reads off statements from PA House Democrats such as Wendy Ullman, who wrote about the bill, "It would allow one person in a store at a time, with one store employees.  Imagine the shopper at your local bookstore, clothing store, or specialty store. They’re trying on jeans, flipping the pages of books, examining dishes or fishing rods or whatever they are shopping for - how on earth is that store employee supposed to wipe down those goods so they cannot expose the next customer to the virus?  And there may only be one person in the store, but there may be 20, 30 or 40 people on the sidewalk waiting for their turn.  This bill is utterly impractical.  The only certain result would be to expose more people to the virus." Mastriano tells of his fight against state Democrats in trying to validate the bill, and discusses the other efforts by his office to address the horrid economic situation in which Pennsylvania sees itself.