Pelosi Continues Her Slow Coup

The Dom Giordano Program
Thursday, December 5th
At the start of the 11 o’clock hour, Nancy Pelosi held a press conference discussing the Democratic plan going forward with impeachment. Dom plays back portions of the press conference, including an instance where she battled with a reporter who asked whether or not she ‘hated’ Trump. Also, Pelosi tried to make it very clear (again) that the impeachment proceedings are not political, even though it’s quite obvious that they are. Also, Dom ponders why the Democrats decided upon Pamela Karlan as their ‘expert witness,’ although she has a very biased past. Karlan, in her impeachment testimony, took a jab at Baron Trump’s name and referred to Trump as a “king”, which Dom predicts will become the Democrat’s newest buzzword.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images