Pelosi Storms Off, Jim Kenney Sentences Trump to Hell, and Bernie's Fees (Full Show 07/17/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Wednesday, July 17th
Rich explains why he feels the more radical Democrats would prefer another term of Donald Trump than eight years of a moderate Democrat (8:12). Rich talks about Nancy Pelosi and how she broke House rules by trashing Donald Trump (19:51). Rich stands up for America (35:51) and gives praise to the electric fly swatter (42:21). He attacks Mayor Jim Kenney for condemning Trump and others to Hell (1:01:03) and chats with Philadelphia Magazine Deputy Editor Ashley Primis about expenses with city travel (1:18:16). Rich talked about how Bernie Sanders no longer hides the fact that Healthcare-for-all won't be free (1:30:23).  Plus, Rich discusses heatwaves and how they have been occurring since before the climate change movement (2:13:37).