President Trump’s Legacy is Going to be the Courts (Full Zeoli Show 09-23-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Wednesday, September 23rd
Today on the Rich Zeoli Show, President Trump’s legacy will come down to his federal court appointments. Not just the, soon to be 3, appointments to the Supreme Court but on all levels of the federal courts. Senator Toomey and Senator Romney back the vote to confirm whomever the President decides to nominate to the Supreme Court and Governor Wolf is not happy his appeal of the court ruling his restrictions being unconstitutional will not have a stay order while it goes through the courts. New York Attorney Andrew Miltenberg joined to discuss the influential appellate decision Judge, and potential Supreme Court Nominee, Amy Coney Barrett wrote pertaining to gender bias against male students during the Obama administration. Congressman Guy Reschenthaler joined to discuss China using movie clips from Hollywood to spread propaganda and their cover up of the COVID-19 virus prevented a more active response from the world.

Photo: Getty Images.