The Rich Zeoli Show (05/14/2019)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Tuesday, May 14th
Rich talked about making the show the new morning sports show, except Rich knows nothing about sports. Rich also discussed Trump's meeting with China, and why it's okay to worry about tariffs and changes in economy. Rich slammed the bizarre etiquette of Broadway theater, including the rules involving when you can and cannot stand. Rich dissected the reasons why it's important to have winners and losers in this world. Rich analyzed the threat of police state, and why we cannot cede all of our freedoms to the government.

Rich blasted the idea of safe injection sites in Philadelphia, and also slammed Bernie Sanders for his hypocrisy. He is all about cutting costs, yet all he is going to do as President is increase taxes. Rich discussed why Larry Kudlow is good for President Trump, and explained why the polling data shows Trump will reign supreme in PA in 2020. Additionally, Rich made fun of AOC for not knowing what a garbage disposal is, and questioned why they are featured in every horror film ever made. 

In the 8:00 hour, Dawn rattled off some headlines for Rich, including Burger King's new traffic service and Domino's new Hawaiian pizza. Dawn also shared the "This Day in History" fact, before transitioning to Bernie Sanders, and how his platform is the same as the Russians'. He revisited Bernie's infamous music video from his Russian honeymoon. Rich shared a story about a young novelist who has lost her book deal after snitching on a train staffer who was eating on the train. He also slammed Howard Stern for becoming a PC snowflake.