The Rich Zeoli Show (05/20/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Monday, May 20th
Show Summary

Week two of your Rich Zeoli mornings began today, and it all started with Rich's take on Biden's Philadelphia visit, as well as Biden trying to play nice with the other Democrats. Rich went on to explain the reason why Biden should never have tried to get the crowd to chant against Trump. From Rich's experience, he said a candidate should never try to get a crowd to do anything. Later, Rich shared an article explaining why Pennsylvania is the coveted state in the 2020 election. After Trump's election, the polls were proven wrong when they said he could not win PA. That's why Rich does not believe in polls any longer.  Rich exposed why Biden won't get specific on issues like environment, the reason being Biden is not far enough to the left for Democratic voters. To mask this, Biden uses Trump as his go-to scapegoat and solution for America's problems. In case you missed the Game of Thrones finale, Rich gave a scathing review of the show he loved so much. He felt the show copped out at the end, and was disgusted with the last season as a whole. 

Rich explained the reason why Americans are hearing so much about Iran, and whether or not we should go to war. For the uninformed, Rich recommended some grief counselors for Game of Thrones fans. He also checked in with Walter Kosc, who was on the road giving away Zeoli Army shirts in Marlton, NJ. Journalist Holly Otterbein joined the show to discuss rediscovering the lost Bernie Sanders tapes. Rich also discussed the books of the Democratic candidates, including the children's version of Bernie's book. Rich continued on the Bernie trend of the show, revisiting clips of Bernie Sanders from over the weekend. During Dawn's 8:00 news, they talked about the attack on Schwarzenegger, the commencement speaker who vows to pay off the graduates' debt, and shared facts about Lafayette, Levi jeans, and Amelia Earhardt for "This Day in History." Rich continued on the trend of Biden and Game of Thrones throughout the rest of the show, and also touched on Trump's claims that women are filling more jobs than ever before.

Show Minutes

5:30- The Optics of Biden's Philadelphia Visit

5:48- Bernie Television

6:01- Biden Tries to Rally All to "Beat Trump"

6:19- Why PA is Ground Zero for 2020 Election

6:34- The Reason Biden Won't Get Specific on Environmental Issues

6:50- Why Rich Hates the "Game of Thrones" Finale

7:03- Why We Are Hearing So Much About Iran

7:18- There Are Actual "Game of Thrones" Grief Counselors

7:20- Walter Checks In from Marlton Diner

7:30- Philly Native Rediscovers Long-Lost Bernie Sanders Tapes

8:00- Kirsten Gillibrand's Latest Assault on Trump and Abortion

8:05- The Books of the Competition

8:07- Weekend at Bernie's

8:20- News from Dawn

8:27- Women Are Filling More Jobs Than Ever8:36- Why The Supreme Court is a Major Issue in US Election

8:50- Game of Thrones​