The Rich Zeoli Show- Full Show (05/22/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Wednesday, May 22nd
Show Summary

Today is a historic day in the world of talk shows, that being the day Johnny Carson stepped down from his Tonight Show hosting duties in 1992. Rich kicked off the show reflecting on Carson's legacy as a late-night television fixture and sets the groundwork for the show by laying Easter eggs for later in the broadcast. Rich talked about how Fred Keller won 70 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania, this being big because he had Trump's endorsement. Rich shared poll data that shows Trump trailing behind, but he refuses to believe the polls since the 2016 election. Rich pointed out how the Democrats have done the most damage to the free press, also sharing quotes from "unbiased" journalists featured in Mark Levin's book Unfreedom of the Press. 

​Rich shared an article from Breitbart all about Spygate. Rich was joined by Mark Levin, fellow radio talk show host on TalkRadio WPHT. They had a wide-ranging discussion on freedom of the press, and why Trump is not the enemy of the press that the media has made him out to be. Rich did a mash-up of a PSA Martin Sheen put together to stop the Electoral College from electing Trump, demonstrating how it is nearly identical to a PSA released on McDonald's treatment of chickens. 

Rich riffed on a piece from Today about how college students are so poor, they can't afford food. During Dawn's 8:00 headlines, she shared stories about Artie Lange's latest tangle with the law, as well as the goats who are clearing out Riverside Park. Rich revisited the Spygate story and Justin Amash, before giving his final thought.

Show Minutes

5:30- Johnny Carson Leaves The Tonight Show on This Day in 1992 (00:00:54)

5:50- Fred Keller Wins Big in PA (00:11:54)​

6:00- PA Special Election and Impeachment of Trump (00:18:24)

6:19- Why Johnny Carson Was Better Than All of Today's Late Night Hosts (00:30:41)

6:30- More on Late Night (00:37:03)

6:51- Why The Democrats Have Damaged the Free Press (00:49:08)

7:02- Rich Talks About Aaron Kline's Breitbart Article on Spygate (00:55:59)

7:20- Ted Koppel Mentioned in Levin's Book (01:07:08)

7:30- Mark Levin on Why Conservatives Are The True Defenders of Press Freedoms (01:12:37)

7:50- "Dear McDonald's" PSA Resembles Martin Sheen's Electoral College PSA (01:32:06)

8:03- Economy Matters- Today Show does a Study on Why College Kids are Broke (01:41:17)

8:19- Dawn's Headlines- Artie Lange Back in Jail & The Goat Assault on Riverside Park (01:58:46)

8:36- Spygate Revisited (02:09:57)

8:50- Justin Amash: The Media's Darling (02:19:26)​