The Rich Zeoli Show- Full Show (05/24/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Friday, May 24th
Show Summary:

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that President Donald Trump has given Attorney General William Barr “full and complete authority to declassify information pertaining to” the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant application used to eventually monitor Trump’s 2016 campaign team. Yesterday, Zeoli decided to permanently give up coffee…can he survive a second morning? We learn that you have a 1st Amendment right to wear your Zeoli Army t-shirt. Memorial Day is more than just barbeques and good times—originally referred to as Decoration Day, the holiday initially celebrated soldiers killed during the Civil War, however it now extends to all American service members who have died in action. While addressing the press, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi incoherently rambled about Donald Trump and his infrastructure proposal—Trump responded by referring to Pelosi as “Crazy Nancy.” During a campaign rally, President Trump alleged that former Vice President Joe Biden had been born in Pennsylvania but abandoned the state later in life. Despite being accurate, Politifact deemed the statement “mostly false”—explaining that you cannot desert a state…In an opinion piece recently posted on, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz argues that Congress is not above the law and the institution should not be allowed to weaponize the Constitution. “Woke” Howard Stern psychoanalyzes Donald Trump during an interview with Anderson Cooper.  Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, joins the show to discuss electric vehicle subsidies and why they should be discontinued. Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin recently announced that the release of the Harriet Tubman twenty-dollar-bill would be postponed until 2026—it was initially scheduled to roll-out in 2020. The women of The View wasted no time crediting the delay to chronic-racism within the Trump Administration.

Show Minutes:

5:40am- Zeoli is Coffee Free: Day 2 (00:09:24)

6:00am- Donald Trump Declassifies Russian Investigation Information (00:16:25)

6:20am- You a 1St Amendment Right to Wear Your Zeoli Army T-shirt (00:29:54)

6:30am- The Story Behind Memorial Day (00:32:27)

6:50am- “Crazy Nancy” Can’t Form Coherent Sentences (00:40:57)

7am- Politifact Fact Checks Trump—Inaccurately (00:50:10)

7:30am- Alan Dershowitz: The Last Civil Libertarian (01:12:10)

7:40am- Woke Howard Stern and Anderson Cooper (01:21:20)

8:00am- Will Democrats Push for Impeachment (01:38:55)

8:10am- Phil Kerpen: Let Electric Vehicle Subsidies Die (01:47:06)

8:20am- Trump Administration Delays New $20 Bill (01:59:27)