The Rich Zeoli Show- Full Show (06/11/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Tuesday, June 11th
Rich discusses the top stories of the day at the top of the show (00:33) and also sounds off on John Dean's testimony (18:18). Rich also slams Joe Biden for his phony Kennedy-esque New England accent (45:50). Rich laughs at the notion of alcohol-free bars (1:06:37) and wonders if the public truly needs to be educated on the Mueller Report (1:15:16). He explains why Russia is not a fan of HBO's Chernobyl series (1:28:02) and reminisces about his high school days when he played dodgeball (1:48:12). Rich is critical of the notion that dodgeball teaches kids to oppress their peers. Rich wraps up the show on the subject of  NBC News' "Big Idea" series (2:14:32) and Tucker Carlson's segment about Philadelphia (2:23:30).​