Safe Injection Sites Only Belong in a Philly Wasteland (Full Zeoli Show 02-27-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Thursday, February 27th
Today on the Zeoli show, Rich discussed the time for the FISA court to be abolished has come, safe injection sites coming to Philadelphia after no public input causes an absolute outrage by residents of the area and  President sets up a plan for the corona virus, Senior Counsel at Becket Law, Lori Windham, joined discussing the Supreme Court agreeing to hear a Philadelphia court case involving the city of Philadelphia trying to exclude Catholic Social Services from it's adoptive and foster system. The CSS argues that it doesn't not, through religious beliefs, allow children to be fostered or adopted to same-sex households. The city believes this is against their anti-discrimination laws. The Courts are expected to hear the case this fall. All that and more on today's show!  

Photo: Getty Images.