Should Trans Women Be Allowed To Participate In Women's Sports?

The Dom Giordano Program
Thursday, October 17th
Cheryl Radachowsky and her attorney Kristen Waggoner join Dom Giordano to discuss an opinion piece penned by Radachowsky in the New York Post this week. Radachowsky wrote a controversial column in which she noted that justice for Trans athletes is unfair for people like her daughter. Radachowsky’s daughter, Alanna, is a sophomore rising star in track and field in Connecticut who has devoted countless days, nights and weekends in training, trying to shave off fractions of seconds from her race times. Since 2017, Connecticut has allowed biological boys to compete against girls, as long as they identify as the opposite sex. Radachowsky writes, ‘As a parent, it is gut-wrenching to know that no matter how hard my daughter works to achieve her goals, she will lose athletic opportunities to a pernicious gender ideology. Left unchecked, this ideology will in the long run eliminate fair play for all biological females in all sports. As we are seeing in Connecticut, a biological boy’s subjective sense of his gender doesn’t cancel out his physical advantage over girls.’ Dom, Cheryl and Kristen discuss the implications of allowing trans athletes to participate in women’s sports.