The Stakes Are High As the Democrats Face Off Tonight (Full Show 09/12/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Thursday, September 12th
Rich comments on John Bolton's departure and explains why regime change does not work (4:01). Rich talks about the three-way clash he expects to take place during tonight's Democratic debate (36:58) and explains why candidates such as Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar don't stand a chance. Rich talks extensively about Donald Trump's proposal to ban E-Cigarettes (54:48) and explains why Trump is tackling this issue in the first place. Rich takes your calls on the subject (1:10:42). Rich rejoices when he finds out George Stephanopoulos is the debate moderator tonight (1:55:30) and laughs at Nancy "The Vampiric One" Pelosi's temper tantrum when she is confronted on gun control (2:03:44).