Steve Cortes On Trump's Push For The Minority Voter

The Dom Giordano Program
Monday, October 26th
Steve Cortes, Senior Advisor for the Trump 2020 campaign, returns to the Dom Giordano Program for an update on a bet made with Giordano, where Cortes said that Trump would win the majority of Latino voters, subtracting the state of California. Cortes stands by the bet, and turns the question into a discussion of Trump’s effort to appeal to minority voters. Then, Giordano asks Cortes about the behind-the-scenes of campaigning during a pandemic, noting that Vice President Biden has used the virus as a political tool. Also, Cortes comments on a gaffe by Biden over the weekend, where he called Pennsylvanian Trump supporters ‘chumps,’ and an interview of Kamala Harris on 60 minutes in which she laughed off being labeled as a Socialist. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)