The Biden’s Should’ve Been Subpoenaed in January During Impeachment Hearings (Full Zeoli Show 10-15-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Thursday, October 15th
Today on the Rich Zeoli Show, the explosive NY Post story connecting former Vice President Joe Biden to his son Hunter’s Ukrainian company Burisma might’ve been an even bigger issue for the Biden campaign if the Biden’s were called to testify during the impeachment proceedings in January. It may be too late now except to hit Joe Biden on his policies. Despite what Governor Murphy believes, there is no connection of Trump’s fundraiser in New Jersey to an outbreak of the coronavirus and Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, continues to outwit the Democratic Senators on the Judicial Committee.

:35-Questions, from everyone, pertaining to the NY Post story on Hunter and Joe Biden. 

4:45-No indoor Thanksgiving this year 

6:10-Does Rich follow the show sheet? 

10:30-New Jersey residents have to quarantine, if they travel in New Jersey 

12:40-President Trump's fundraiser in Bedminster did not spread coronavirus 

20:00-Fallout continues on Hunter Biden laptop story  

26:30-The economy will matter more than anything

37:15-NY Times reports  President Trump doesn't owe any money to Russia. 

43:00-Trump campaign does a big buy of political ad time in Pennsylvania. 

48:00-The Zeoli Show is going on video, hopefully soon. 

 51:30-Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania has a major role to play in re-electing Trump. 

 59:00-Polling is done if it's a 2016 repeat 

 1:09:45-Facebook and Twitter censor the NY Post story 

  1:20:40-Computer store owner who repaired Hunter Biden's computer,  feared for his life. 

1:26:50-What's on the Cut Sheet 

 1:30:00-Governor Ralph Northam blames Trump's rhetoric for kidnapping plots against him and Governor Whitmer. 

1:36:15-EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler  

1:50:30-Governor Andrew Cuomo blames the nursing home staff members for the spread of coronavirus 

1:54:00-Don Lemon hates NBC for agreeing to air a Trump town hall the same time as Biden's town hall on ABC

1:59:30-America's mother-in-law does a chicken impression 

 2:11:25-Judge Amy Coney Barrett outwits Democratic Senators' ridiculous questions

 2:22:40-Show wrap and who won twitter.  

Photo by: Chip Somodevilla / Staff