The War On Due Process | Rich Zeoli Show

The Rich Zeoli Show
Wednesday, October 10th
Rich discusses the growing war on due process and presumption of innocence. He tells the story of a student at UC-Davis who was falsely accused of sexual misconduct. A female student had complained that the student touched her "on her breasts and buttocks over and under her clothing without her consent." The male student argued that the incident did happen, but the event involved consensual sexual touching and it was even reciprocated. The female student said this was true, but she later felt bad about the incident. The charges were dropped, but the student was still forced to pay $12,000 in legal fees for defending himself against these false allegations. This is just one story of many of a young man having his life turned upside down by allegations of sexual assault. Rich argues that the growing liberal narrative surrounding due process and presumption of innocence is very scary for our society.