Weighing President Trump’s Options with No Presidential Debate (Full Zeoli Show 10-09-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Friday, October 9th
Today on the Rich Zeoli Show, President Trump is considering all options for next week in wake of the announcement the 2nd Presidential debate would be held virtually and subsequent postponement of the debate. The blaming of President Trump for the plotted kidnapping attempt against Governor Whitmer by the left is completely absurd. Actions by those extremists are the one and only to blame. Hugo Gurdon, Editor in Chief at Washington Examiner, joined to discuss the appeal Judge Amy Coney Barrett should have for all Americans if she is confirmed to the Supreme Court and the latest polls showing that a majority of Americans do not believe in packing the Supreme Court. Gregg Edwards, Executive Director of Don't Let New Jersey Go To Pot,   joined to discuss the ballot question that New Jersey voters will have for their 2020 ballots to vote on the legalization of marijuana and why it's not a good idea to do so.


00:00-Thanksgiving in a Pandemic 

11:35-SNL Musical guest breaks COVID safety measures

13:00-FBI foils plot to kidnap Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer 

19:30-Democrats openly discussing the 25th amendment to remove President Trump

26:52-Hugo Gurdon, Editor in Chief at Washington Examiner, on packing the Supreme Court

37:40-Former Joe Biden, again, dodges questions on court packing

44:50-President Trump's options to reach outside his base with no debate happening

56:30-Senator Kamala Harris leans into the covid-19  vaccine hysteria. 

1:00:40-President Trump needs to do something on one of the major networks. 

1:05:00-Invasion of hornets or wasps at the Zeoli household  

1:09:45-Yelp  has launched alerts to identify businesses of "racist" behavior

 1:13:45-Local waitress claims she wasn't tipped and only tipped with "mask" 

 1:21:13-Joe Biden holding a town hall next week with George Stephanopoulos

1:41:00-Speaker Pelosi is holding a commission to see if President Trump is fit for the Presidency

1:57:10-The many time President Trump denounced white supremacy 

2:04:26-Gregg Edwards, Executive Director of Don't Let New Jersey Go To Pot on voting for legalized marijuana in New Jersey

2:17:50-Show wrap and "Who Won Social Media." 

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