Weighing The Odds: Betting President Trump vs. Vice President Biden (Full Zeoli Show 10-21-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Wednesday, October 21st
Today on the Rich Zeoli Show, betting websites are proof this election is much tighter than polls let on. President Trump is on the campaign trail while former Vice President Joe “Joey the Lid” Biden keeps the lid on his campaign, Trump says this election is about the American dream vs. a socialist disaster. Also, Apple is the reason we won’t be seeing the classic “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!” on television this year. An absolute sham!

00:00-Show Open

 3:40-Charlie Brown’s Halloween special taken off regular television

8:20-Buying a VCR to beat Apple

14:00-Create your own movie if you’re unhappy

27:50-Betting websites have better record of predicting elections

42:20-Quarnatine lists by states is motivated politically

46:10-Dawn has an animal in her garage

 46:30-What is the best debate strategy for President Trump?

52:50-Trump debuts a new Biden montage on fracking

54:50-Media wants to label Hunter Biden as a simple “misjudgment”  

 1:06:25-Legendary NFL runningback Herschel Walker joins the show

1:32:00-Let Joe Biden talk, he’ll bury himself

1:38:25-Keith Olbermann is a total psycho

1:46:00-Millenials were brainwashed to hate comedy

 2:06:50-FBI is in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop

 2:08:00-Don Lemon mocks Trump supporters as selfish

2:22:05-Show wrap and who won Twitter.