Why Did Haverford Township's Bon Air Fire Company Cave?

The Dom Giordano Program
Tuesday, September 10th
Today, Dom started off the show on providing an update on the Bon Air Fire Company in Haverford Township after last night's public meeting in which citizens of Haverford Township offered their opinion on the town's decision to shut down the volunteer fire company after a member was ousted as an attendee of a Proud Boys meet-up. After the initial media blowup, the Bon Air Fire Company refused to accept the resignation of the member involved. After last night's meeting, the volunteer fire organization released a statement, saying "The initial decision to refuse the resignation was a mistake, we agree with the township that the board of the Bon Air Fire Company should have accepted the resignation because it is important that all volunteers who represent the township do so free from bias and without discrimination.” WPHT host and columnist Christine Flowers joined Dom to provide a first hand look into the meeting, after attending and voicing her opinion last night. Flowers is upset that the fire company 'caved,' and explains her reasoning.