Why Hasn't There Been An Italian-American President?

The Dom Giordano Program
Friday, July 19th
Today on the Dom Giordano Program, Dom started off the show by giving his take on the situation involving 13 Philadelphia police officers who are facing termination following the posting of offensive material to their social media pages. Then, Dom responds to a rant by ESPN’s Dan Le Batard, in which the radio host called his network ‘cowardly’ for their stance on broadcasting opinions on political issues, including racism. After that, Dom awards his ‘Manbun of the Week,’ deciding between a caller who said Donald Trump gives him legitimate stomach aches and Berkeley, CA which is removing gender-specific terms in its municipal code. Also, Dom discusses a YouGov poll which deems Michelle Obama the ‘most admired woman in the world’ and asks listeners who they think Philadelphia’s most admired person is, and Dom wonders why there are never any Italian-Americans who run for president.

Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images