Why Is Poverty Increasing In Northeast Philadelphia?

The Dom Giordano Program
Friday, September 20th
Today, Dom started the show off by talking about a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the rising poverty rates in Northeast Philadelphia, including Mayfair, Oxford Circle, and Rhawnhurst. According to the Inquirer, between 1990 and 2017, Mayfair experienced the highest increase, with residents living in poverty rising from 939 to 4,884 or a 420% jump. Similarly, as written in the Inquirer, “Oxford Circle experienced a 352% growth in the number of its residents in poverty (from 3,168 to 14,328). In Lawncrest, it was 291% (from 3,300 to 12,907); in Rhawnhurst, 199% (from 1,955 to 5,845); and in Tacony, 170% (from 2,658 to 7,188).” Dom is shocked to see this type of increase and asks listeners for reasons as to why there has been such a change in either the neighborhoods they live in, or the ones they grew up in.