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Pat Toomey

Thursday, December 13th
Senator Pat Toomey joins Chris to discuss Gen. Flynn, Jeff Sessions, the minimum threshold of criminal intent, and the potential government shutdown.

Victor Fiorillo

Thursday, December 13th
PhillyMag writer Victor Fiorillo joins Chris to talk about the food scandal heard 'round the city, a man who claims to have been a Marine and known Anthony...

What's in a Name?

Thursday, December 13th
What if you were back in school and your last name was Trump? This is reality for one Delaware student, who was bullied because he happens to share the surname...

Marc Lamont Hill at Temple University

Wednesday, December 12th
Marc Lamont Hill's insensitive comments are being overlooked by Temple University, protecting Hill and his free speech rights. Why is it that liberals can get...

Brooke Rollins

Wednesday, December 12th
Brooke Rollins, Assistant to the President on Strategic Initiatives, joins Chris to discuss prison reform and opportunity zones. What is the First Step Act?