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Howard Stern Wanted Hillary on His Show

Wednesday, May 22nd
The "King of All Media" Howard Stern told Stephen Colbert that Hillary Clinton probably would've benefited greatly by appearing on his show in the lead up to...

What's Next After Kenney

Wednesday, May 22nd
Mayor Kenney, unsurprisingly, won yesterday's primary for Democratic Mayor in Philadelphia. He's here for another 4 years but what about after that? Dom...

Student Loan Caucus

Tuesday, May 21st
A new caucus in the Pennsylvania House is forming; the student loan caucus. To help figure out the ever mounting student loan debt. (Photo cred: Bodhichita

Chester County DA Tom Hogan

Tuesday, May 21st
Chester County DA, Tom Hogan, joined discussing last week's major drug bust involving a connection to a Mexican cartel and top issues he faces in the county.

John Cole of Politics PA

Tuesday, May 21st
John Cole of Politics PA joined discussing last night's Trump rally in Pennsylvania and discussed today's primaries.