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These Kids Today! | Recovery Radio

Saturday, May 18th
Liza Piekarsky joins us on this edition of Recovery Radio. Liza is a licensed Mental Health counselor with a background in work with adolescents and young...

National Nurses Week | Recovery Radio

Saturday, May 11th
There are over 4 million registered nursing working today in the country and the work and care they provide is invaluable to the nation’s overall health and...

Equine Therapy | Recovery Radio

Saturday, April 27th
Dogs may be “man’s best friend” but don’t tell that to Liz Olszewski. Liz is an equine specialist joining us to discuss her work with both adults in recovery...

The Power of Different | Recovery Radio

Saturday, April 20th
In her book “The Power of Different,” psychiatrist and author Gail Saltz makes her case that not all differences are disorders. In fact, Dr. Saltz makes the...