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The Crash Proof Retirement Show

The Crash Proof Retirement Show, Hosted by:

Phil Cannella, CEO of Retirement Media Inc., and Joann Small, CEO of CPR.

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Phil Cannella launched the Crash Proof Retirement Show in 2008 in response to the financial crisis that crushed retirement dreams across America. Recognizing that mainstream media fails to report accurately on the financial industry, Phil took to the airwaves to let people know that they no longer have to expose their retirement savings to a volatile financial industry built on a foundation of greed and corruption.

Phil Cannella was in a unique position to speak to consumers who were looking for a financial safe haven, as he was the creator of the Crash Proof Retirement System; a proven investment strategy that educates retirees on how to grow their assets while avoiding any and all risk of market losses.

Co-host Joann Small quickly joined on with Phil Cannella and his mission of consumer advocacy, as she herself had spent decades in the business of providing education on financial safety for those in or near retirement.

Phil Cannella and Joann Small broadcast each week delivering cutting edge retirement news utilizing exclusive interviews with the nation’s most powerful industry leaders, esteemed economists, and top research centers. Listeners can count on invaluable insight into the financial industry, revealing corruption on Wall Street, bringing you updates on healthcare and more!

Tune in each Saturday at 11AM and Sundays at 1pm and begin taking steps towards achieving your very own Crash Proof Retirement.




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Crash Proof Retirement

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